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Forklift Licence Course Geelong

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TLILIC0003 – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck 2 days $650.00 Min 4/Max 6
FORKLIFT REFRESHER COURSE ½ – 1 day $250 (+ GST) Min 6


At an organised training facility in Geelong.

Knowledge Assessment – Includes a closed book written and calculations assessment. Study guides and a pre-assessment activity workbook will be sent to participants prior to the course.

Practical Assessment – Hazard identification and hazard prevention, conduct pre-operational checks (visual forklift inspection), conduct start-up checks and the safe operation of the forklift, handling loads, moving loads from different locations and heights, shutting down and securing the forklift.
Face to face delivery. The course involves a written knowledge, calculations and practical assessment.
Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age, documentary evidence and proof of age is required before course commencement.

Participants must reside in Victoria.

Participants must have sufficient knowledge of the English language and basic numeracy skills to complete the written knowledge, calculations and practical assessment.
  • Completed pre-assessment activities (received on booking)
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Closed toe safety boots
  • High visibility vest or clothing (this can also be provided to you)
Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued with an electronic copy of a Statement of Attainment and an electronic copy of your Notice of Assessment. High Risk Licences are now processed online. You will be required to create and/or log in to your myworksafe account to apply for your licence online within 60 days along with payment of the applicable fee payable to Worksafe. Failure to apply and lodge your High Risk Work Licence with WorkSafe within 60 days will require you to complete a full re-assessment at full cost.
In the event you are deemed not yet competent on any of the three components in the Assessment (knowledge, calculations, practical) you are permitted to attend a re-assessment day and re-attempt the component in which you were deemed not yet competent. This re-assessment must be completed within calendar 60 days of your first assessment date. Star Training and Assessment highly advises you to contact our office well before the 60 day cut-off date to arrange your re-assessment otherwise we may not be able to have you re-assessed. Failure to complete your High Risk Work Licence re-assessment within 60 days will require you to complete a full re-assessment at full cost.
Planning for work task
  • Task requirements and work area operating surface identified and assessed
  • Suitability of forklift including attachments assessed and working load limit identified
  • Working area and forklift path inspected and hazard and risk control measures identified
  • Traffic management plan and communication procedures identified
Preparing for work/task
  • Consultation with workplace persons to ensure a safe work environment
  • Weather and work environmental conditions assessed
  • Risk control measures identified and implemented
  • Forklift truck including log book is checked and assessed
  • Pre-start checks carried out and any damage is reported, recorded and appropriate action is taken
Performing work/task
  • Weight and positioning of load assessed, referring to the forklifts data plate
  • Safe operation of forklift truck
  • Monitoring loads when moving, lifting, lowering and placing to ensure stability
  • Unplanned and unsafe situations are responded to
  • Picking up, transporting and placing loads
  • Parking, switching off and isolating forklift
Packing up
  • Forklift shutdown procedures carried out
  • Forklift secured to prevent unauthorised use

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