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AHCMOM213 Operate and maintain chainsaws
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On-site at your workplace1 day $300


On-site at your workplace.
Face to face delivery. To obtain accreditation in this course a practical and written assessment will be given to participants.
There are no pre-requisites, however participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English.
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Closed toe shoes and protective clothing required to operate chainsaws
Upon successful completion, participants receive a wallet card and an electronic copy of Statement of Attainment.

Assisting in preparation of the work-site

  • Identifying location of worksite and fallen timber from scope of works and confirming with supervisor
  • Identifying site hazards, assessing risks and reporting to supervisor
  • Confirming first aid and emergency personnel, equipment and procedures
  • Documenting and implementing site health and safety in the workplace, environmental and traffic control measures according to workplace procedures

Recognising and applying workplace safety procedures

  • Identifying hazards and risks relevant to the maintenance and operation of chainsaws and implementing safe working practices to manage risks
  • Selecting, fitting and using personal protective equipment according to workplace safety procedures
  • Confirming with supervisor relevant licensing and legislative requirements with regard to the operation of chainsaws
  • Transporting chainsaw safely according to operation and maintenance manual

Checking and preparing chainsaw for use

  • Selecting tools and materials required for maintenance
  • Conducting routine checks and maintenance prior to operation, according to chainsaw operation and maintenance manual
  • Calculating required fuel oil ratios prior to mixing
  • Mixing fuel and fuelling chainsaw according to operation and maintenance manual
  • Identifying, tagging, recording and reporting chainsaw faults or malfunctions to supervisor

Operating chainsaw

  • Communicating with work team during operations using voice, hand or whistle signals
  • Placing supports to ensure a stable base for cutting
  • Identifying materials to be cut and positioning them for operation
  • Visually assessing material to be cut for defects and embedded hazards
  • Determining cutting methods appropriate to material type and implementing risk controls
  • Selecting and using tools associated with chainsaw use
  • Operating chainsaw to cross-cut timber using documented low risk work methods
  • Identifying and reporting work-site communication issues to supervisor
  • Identifying and reporting environmental impacts of chainsaw operation to supervisor

Completing and checking chainsaw operation

  • Recording and reporting chainsaw damage, malfunction and irregular performance according to workplace procedures
  • Cleaning and storing chainsaw according to workplace procedures and operation and maintenance manual
  • Disposing of debris from operation in accordance with environmental requirements
  • Maintaining workplace documentation according to workplace procedures

Operate and maintain chainsaws AHCMOM213

This Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency describes the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a hand-held chainsaw and maintain it in working condition.

This unit applies to cross-cutting fallen timber using safe cutting techniques.

The unit applies to individuals who apply low risk work procedures and comply with worksite health and safety requirements when operating hand-held chainsaws to carry out routine work.

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