Star Training

Student Information

Flexible Learning and Assessment Strategies

Star Training & Assessing is always looking to employ trainers to work on a contract basis. We are seeking Trainers who are motivated, can bring innovative ideas to the business and have a passion for education.

  • Workplace Delivery and Coaching
  • One on one training
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Observation
  • Team-group work

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competencies

RPL is the acknowledgment of a full range of an individual’s skills and knowledge, irrespective of how it has been acquired. It includes competencies gained through formal study, work experience and other ‘life’ experience. Star Training & Assessing will ensure that an individual’s prior learning is recognised.

Credit Transfer

Star Training & Assessing recognises qualifications and statements of attainment issued by other RTO’s for like competencies. Students seeking credit transfer for AQF qualifications and / or statements of attainment must present the original documents for verification.

Training Environment

Star Training & Assessing will comply with all laws relevant to the operation of the training / workplace premises including occupational health and safety and fire safety regulations and ensure that the training / workplace premises are of adequate size and have adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation. Star Training & Assessing will implement fair educational programs, maximise the participation of students and will provide a culturally inclusive environment. It will assist students to access support and guidance services that cannot be offered internally.

Equal Opportunity

Star Training & Assessing recognises its legal responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure that staff and students are not subject to sexual harassment. Star Training & Assessing is firmly committed to providing a working, teaching and learning environment that is free from racism. Racism not only denies a person’s fundamental human right to respect, it reduces their opportunity to gain a fair share of society’s valued resources such as education and employment. It is the responsibility of all Star Training & Assessing staff to ensure the requirements of the access and equity policy are met at all times.

Student Support Services

Students requiring assistance with their training should contact either their trainer or our HR manager on (03) 9720 7666. Star Training & Assessing is committed to meeting the needs of all participants. If support cannot be provided internally, appropriate external referrals will be suggested.

Relevant Legislation

A range of legislation is applicable to us and all staff and students. Information on relevant legislation can be found as follows:
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Privacy Act 2009
  • Racial & Religious Tolerance Act 2001
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • Vocational Education & Training Act 2000
  • Student Identifiers ACT

It is the responsibility of all Star Training & Assessing staff to ensure the requirements of relevant legislation are met at all times. Contact our HR Manager on (03) 9720 7666 if you require further information.

Complaints and appeals

Star Training & Assessing will ensure the fair and efficient handling of any complaints should they arise. They will ensure that:
  • Each appeal and its outcome, is recorded in writing
  • Each appeal is heard by an independent person or panel.
  • Each appellant has an opportunity to formally present his or her case
  • A re-assessment will be carried out if necessary
  • Each appellant is given a written statement of the appeal’s outcomes, including reasons for the decision

Our Vision

Knowledge Comes First.

The Training

Our business commits itself to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of training and education to its clients.

The Staff

Our business will reward team members with a stimulating learning environment where open communication and a positive attitude is valued.

The System

The business is committed to a continuous improvement process which enhances the quality management systems and meets regulatory compliance.

Our Values

  • Mutual respect.
  • Non Discriminatory Behaviour.
  • High Standard of Learning.
  • Team Work.
  • A Sense of Belonging.
  • Accountability.
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