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Horizontal Directional Drilling Training Courses Melbourne

On-site at your workplace


RIINHB323D – Conduct horizontal directional drilling


On-site at your workplace
Face to face delivery. The course involves a theory and practical assessment.
There are no prerequisites, however participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English.
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Closed toe shoes
Upon successful completion, participants receive a wallet card and an electronic copy of Statement of Attainment.

Planning and preparing for horizontal directional drilling

  • Accessing, interpreting and applying horizontal directional drilling documentation and ensuring the work activity is compliant
  • Obtaining, reading, interpreting, clarifying and confirming work requirements
  • Identifying and addressing potential risks, hazards and environmental issues and implementing control measures
  • Selecting and wearing personal protective equipment appropriate for work activities
  • Communicating and coordinating activities with others throughout the work activity
  • Obtaining and interpreting emergency procedures, and be preparing for fire/accident/emergency

Boring pilot hole

  • Carrying out pre-start and start up procedures
  • Identifying, selecting and applying rig operational controls
  • Selecting appropriate cutting tool and drilling rig/components
  • Fitting locating device to drill head and attaching drill head to drill stem
  • Aligning drilling head with survey tool and surveying control system
  • Drilling pilot hole according to design alignment
  • Monitoring drill path ensuring pilot hole meets conformance envelope and dogleg severity is within limits
  • Adding drill stem sections as required
  • Steering drill head to achieve required pitch and direction
  • Monitoring and interpreting all gauge/dial readings, drill fluid return and drill spoil, drill head position and pitch
  • Continually monitoring hazards and risk, and ensure safety of self, other personnel, plant and equipment
  • Maintaining drill log and reports as required

Boring pilot hole

  • Carrying out shutdown and securing equipment
  • Monitoring wear on drill stem, particularly threads
  • Carrying out procedures to maintain down hole equipment
  • Dressing damaged threads or replacing drill stem as required
  • Checking all equipment and hoses
  • Monitoring wear on drill heads and taking required action
  • Cleaning all equipment on completion of bore, ensuring environmental controls are followed
  • Ensuring drill fluid is appropriately contained/disposed of
  • Ensuring housekeeping activities are completed and processing records

Responding to problems

  • Identifying possible problems in equipment or process
  • Determining problems needing action
  • Determining possible fault causes
  • Rectifying problem using appropriate solution within area of responsibility
  • Following through items initiated until final resolution has occurred
  • Reporting problems outside area of responsibility to designated person

Conduct horizontal directional drilling RIINHB323D

This training course will increase the participants’ understanding of the operations carried out by directional drillers and how directional and horizontal wells are planned and optimized. This unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to conduct horizontal directional drilling in Civil construction and Drilling. This unit is appropriate for those working in driller roles.