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Identify, Locate and Protect Underground Services Shepparton

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RIICCM202E – Identify, Locate and Protect Underground Services 6-7 hrs $345.00 4


At an organised training facility in Shepparton.

Face to face delivery. To obtain accreditation in this course a practical and written assessment will be given to participants.
There are no prerequisites, however participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English.
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Closed toe shoes
Upon successful completion, participants receive a wallet card and an electronic copy of Statement of Attainment.

This nationally recognised unit addresses the competency required to control traffic using a stop-slow bat to ensure the safety of construction and maintenance workers and the general public.

Preparing to identify, locate and protect underground services

  • Obtaining, interpreting and confirming work requirements
  • Accessing, interpreting and applying Australian standards and documentation required for identifying, locating and protecting underground services and confirming work activity is compliant
  • Identifying hazards and environmental issues, assessing the risks and implementing control measures in line with workplace policies
  • Identifying and adhering to traffic signage requirements
  • Selecting equipment and tools required for service locating works and checking for faults and reporting or rectifying within scope of own role
  • Identifying and applying environmental protection requirements for task
  • Obtaining and preparing information for search requirements from national referral service prior to making contact with the service provider
  • Contacting and obtaining service and utility location details and identifying specific requirements of service and utility owners

Identifying and locating underground services

  • Identifying hazards and environmental issues, assessing risks, implementing control measures and confirming safe working environment
  • Determining location, alignment direction, level and grade of services and utilities from plans and location details
  • Complying with specific requirements of service and utility owners
  • Using visual and physical means to inspect site for services and utilities prior to commencing construction
  • Using required service locating equipment to detect and determining position of underground services and, in consultation with operator undertaking construction work, which assets are affected by planned works
  • Marking out positions of underground services and utilities as required
  • Generating reports of underground service location

Protecting underground services

  • Advising operators undertaking construction of requirements for asset and utility protection according to service and utility owners requirements
  • Establishing clearance distances and isolating work as required according to safety requirements
  • Moving, relocating as necessary, protecting and supporting services and utilities from construction process according to safety requirements and in conjunction with service and utility owners as required
  • Advising non-destructive and manual excavation as required
  • Confirming restoration of infrastructure assets and backfilling according to safety, and service and utility owners’ requirements, and advising road authority once work is completed as required
  • Recording and reporting to asset owners and supervisory staff any damage to services and utilities during activity

Conducting housekeeping activities

  • Clearing work area and disposing of and recycling materials as required
  • Cleaning, checking and maintaining condition of equipment, and reporting issues as required or address within scope of own role
  • Managing and reporting hazards as required
  • Finalising and processing written records as required according to workplace procedures

Identify, locate and protect underground services RIICCM202E

This nationally recognised unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles where they are required to identify, locate and protect underground services. This unit provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to identify, locate and protect underground services in the Civil Construction and Utilities Industries.

Students will learn the use of underground service locating equipment along with management of risks arising from the presence of above-ground, overhead, and underground services in the vicinity of workplaces and in particular the use of safe working procedures (SWMS) and Dial Before You Dig plans.

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