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Working at Heights Course Horsham

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RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Heights 7-8 hrs $300.00 5


At an organised training facility in Horsham.

Face to face delivery. The course involves a theory and practical assessment. This course can be conducted on-site provided specific requirements are met.
There are no prerequisites, however participants must be able to converse and comprehend basic English.
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Closed toe shoes
Upon successful completion, participants receive a wallet card and an electronic copy of Statement of Attainment.

Identifying work requirements

  • Accessing, interpreting and applying height safety procedures and ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Inspecting site to determine layout and physical condition, condition of structures, prevailing weather conditions, equipment requirements and potential hazards
  • Adhering to WHS requirements
  • Identifying, selecting and checking safety equipment for serviceability
  • Identifying, managing and reporting potential risks and hazards

Identifying work procedures and instructions

  • Consulting with authorised personnel to select materials, tools and equipment and check for serviceability
  • Selecting, wearing and caring for personal protective equipment
  • Inspecting/installing fall protection and perimeter protection equipment
  • Identifying approved methods of moving tools and equipment to work area and minimising potential hazards associated with tools at heights
  • Ensuring safety system has been installed correctly
  • Selecting and installing appropriate signs and barricades

Accessing and installing equipment

  • Consulting with authorised personnel to ensure anchor fall protection and associated equipment is correctly fitted and adjusted
  • Ensuring all required equipment is installed
  • Using recommended methods to access work area for people, tools and equipment
  • Locating tools and materials to eliminate or minimise the risk of items being knocked down

Performing work at heights

  • Checking access from ground to work area and ensure it is safe
  • Keeping fall equipment in place and adjusted appropriately for movement during work
  • Undertaking manual handling of materials and equipment
  • Locating materials and equipment ensuring that they are safely secured and distributed
  • Checking safety system periodically for compliance
  • Monitoring risk control measures to ensure that they are effective and appropriate
  • Reassessing risk control measures, as required, in accordance with changed work practices and/or site conditions and undertaking alterations

Cleaning up work area

  • Consulting with authorised personnel to ensure safety system is dismantled and removed
  • Clearing work area and dispose of or recycle materials
  • Cleaning, checking, maintaining and storing tools and equipment

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