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HLTWHS005 – Conduct manual tasks safely

Conduct Manual Tasks Safely HLTWHS005

This nationally recognised unit is specifically designed for participants who are required to use manual handling methods and is relevant to all industries and workplaces including the construction, warehousing, health and catering industries or for those working in an office where the main duties involve repetition of movement. Content includes following organisation procedures for a particular task to minimise risk of injury, utilising and implementing strategies as directed to improve workplace organisation, understanding the human body and its limitations and learning how to stretch and its health benefits.
Identifying manual tasks involving risk
  • Recognising manual tasks that may involve risk to self or others
  • Identifying risk factors that make the manual task hazardous
  • Determining the nature and extent of the risk
  • Following organisation procedures for controlling hazardous manual tasks
Preparing for manual tasks
  • Preparing workplace layout and environment according to organisation procedures
  • Organising task and workflow appropriately
  • Preparing and packaging loads for movement, taking account of specific requirements for different materials and organisation procedures
  • Selecting and using personal protective equipment appropriate to the task
  • Ensuring task is within personal capabilities
Completing manual tasks
  • Using appropriate posture and handling techniques to reduce muscle load on exertion
  • Selecting, adjusting and using mechanical aids and handling devices according to manufacturers instructions
  • Pacing and scheduling tasks according to procedures
Contributing to safe work practices
  • Identifying hazardous manual tasks and reporting to supervisor according to organisation procedures
  • Following organisation procedures for reporting symptoms of injury or actual injury to self and others
  • Participating in workplace safety activities and contributing to the improvement of manual tasks
  • Contributing to risk management approach to reduce risks from manual tasks