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Forklift and Traffic Control Courses: Benefits of Becoming Licensed

In order to meet both industry performance requirements and workplace health and safety obligations in Australia, ticketing and licensing is a necessity. It effectively ensures all employees performing a particular task have undertaken the essential training and are qualified to perform the role competently. Many employers require job applicants to have these qualifications prior to commencing employment, so for job seekers it would be highly beneficial to undertake these courses and gain the qualifications in preparation for employment. And for those already employed, having this certification may mean you are able to add to the duties you can perform and the positions you can hold for your employer. Whatever your position, there are many great employability benefits from becoming licensed.

The courses administered by Star Training & Assessing are nationally recognised, however some of the prerequisites for the individual courses differ between states. To be eligible to complete the courses you require basic English to comprehend the course content and complete the assessments. Additionally the prerequisites for Forklift LO (Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck) and Forklift OP (Order Picker) require basic numeracy skills to complete written assessment and the participants must be 18 years of age or over and require a 100 point check (this proof of identification may include a drivers licence, birth certificate, passport, proof or address etc). Traffic Control courses just require a basic understanding of English, however for eligibility in Western Australian, the participant must also hold a white card and valid driver’s licence.

Aligned with industry requirements, the courses are designed to suit both experienced operators as well as those with limited or no previous forklift or traffic control experience. Job opportunities are available nationally, and with these tickets, employment could be gained within many industries. Traffic controllers are gainfully employed within the construction industry, event management, state projects, councils and main roads. Forklift operators may work in warehouses, factories, yard environments or transport industries. With such a variety of industries, the job options are abundant.

There are 15 different courses offered by Star Training & Assessing, so contact them today to find out about their various course options and discover the benefits that these courses can offer to your current and future career prospects, click here.