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How to kick start a career in warehousing and what licenses will you need

Warehousing jobs are on the rise, and with the medium wage for warehouse employees being $20.50 it’s little wonder why people are eager to break into the industry, however how do you kick start a career in warehousing and what licenses will you need stand above the rest?

A good way to stand out is to become qualified with the right tickets and licenses for the position you are applying for. For example many warehouse jobs require you to gain your forklift license. However, it takes more than a forklift license to stand out. Another certificate to have is your first aid certificate; employers are more likely to favour potential employees who know what to do should a workplace accident occur.

You could also gain a certificate to communicating in the workplace, because it helps to know how and when to communicate with your employees and employer and it helps to know what you’re talking about and to communicate effectively.

Experience is another factor that can help you gain a new job, so our tip for you is to contact a warehouse and see if it is possible to take on some work experience, many employers will jump at the opportunity to take on free labour and often it leads to full or part-time employment.

Also you need to consider your personal fitness, are you able to handle heavy loads for prolonged periods of time? Are you also able to stand up on your feet for hours at a time, employers take your personal fitness levels into consideration when hiring.

Star Training and Assessing can help you stand out with a range of courses, from forklift licenses to working at heights tickets, first aid training and much more. With so many courses to choose from the sky is the limit. Contact us today to begin your journey into the warehousing workforce, click here.