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Benefits of Gaining your License to Operate a Boom-type EWP

Breaking into the construction trade is getting harder and harder each year for many individuals wanting to gain work in the industry, so how do you land that job for yourself? And what are the benefits of gaining your license to operate a boom-type elevated work platform?

Firstly, it isn’t uncommon for many construction sights to use boom-type elevated platforms such as scissors lifts, for the completion of their work however very few courses related to the construction industry offer training for these types of platforms.

It is important to know that within the last year, there were two recorded deaths in the construction industry that occurred due to the improper use of a boom-type elevated work platforms, now whilst investigations are still ongoing into what caused the accidents it is most likely that a lack of training was a potential culprit behind these tragedies.

Star Training & Assessing is worksafe accredited to deliver EWP training and assessment in VIC, WA and QLD. A license to operate a boom-type elevated work platform will provide you with a nationally recognised accreditation. The assessment will teach you how to plan your work that requires a boom-lift elevated work platform, how to conduct routine checks on these platforms, how to set up the platforms, how to safely operate a boom-type EWP as well as shutting down and securing the elevated work platform when it is not in use.

This license is not just a paper based assessment, it requires you to operate a boom-type elevated work platform and perform practical assessments to ensure your capability, which will be looked upon very favourably when you are applying for jobs in the construction industry.

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