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Which tickets / licences do I need to work in a warehousing job?

Warehousing jobs cover a range of roles and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Some roles you may find yourself in the warehousing industry, to name a few:
A good way to kick-start your career in warehousing is to get the right qualifications, tickets and licences.
  • Warehouse assistant
  • Forklift operator
  • Order picker and packer
  • Warehouse supervisor

Which licences would I benefit from to get a job in warehousing?

  • Forklift licence: This is one course you won’t be able to go without if you want to work in warehousing. Almost all warehouse roles will require you to use a forklift at some point. A forklift licence will equip you with the knowledge and skills to plan work, safe operation of a forklift, understand shift loads, securing sights, shutting down equipment and hazard prevention.
  • Working at Heights: This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to safely work in a height situation. Often warehousing involves using machinery at heights so this will be a useful and relevant licence to obtain.
  • EWP: Scissor lift or boom type elevated work platforms may be used in warehousing environments and the EWP licence equips you with the knowledge to be able to legally operate an elevated work platform.
  • First Aid Certificate: This certificate looks favourable to employers, showing you have taken initiative to know what to do should a workplace incident occur.
Star Training and Assessing can provide you with all the licences and tickets required for a career in warehousing. With a range of courses available, the sky is your limit.
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