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What is a Construction Induction Card / White Card and do I need one?

If you are going to be working in the construction industry, then yes, you definitely need a Construction Induction/White Card.

A white card/construction induction card (previously known as a blue card) is necessary for almost every trade and the government has made it compulsory to obtain before being allowed to work on a construction site. This ensures that everyone on site is familiar with construction site codes of practices, and in turn minimises risks of accident or injury.

Employers are liable to pay $11,000 if an employee is found on site without a valid white card – employers won’t be keen to hire $11,000 liabilities so make sure you avoid risking this penalty and risking not getting a look in for the job by obtaining your White Card.

What is a White Card?

The White Card is evidence that you have completed a General Construction Induction course. This is a nationally recognised safety induction card that provides an understanding and competency of Occupational Health and Safety (WHS), hazard awareness and the potential risks in a construction environment. You will also learn skills such as safe work practices, which can include interpreting safety signs and using safety equipment.

The card does not expire, although you will need to retrain if you haven’t worked in the construction industry for over 2 years.

How do I get a White Card?

A white card must be obtained through a RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

Star Training & Assessing is an RTO offering Construction Induction/White Card courses in WA, QLD and VIC, through face-to-face delivery, on site at your workplace or at a suitable training venue. The course takes approximately 4-6 hours and a statement of attainment will be issued on completion.

The course can be sat before you have been guaranteed a job in the construction industry, giving you brownie points for looking pro-active and thinking ahead when applying for jobs.


Why do I need a White Card?