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Jobs in warehousing are set to explode

Australians are big spenders. With a variety of stores offering sales and bargains on an almost weekly basis, retail therapy has become a national obsession. We have all seen the news bulletins showing hundreds of shoppers lined up out outside new retail giants for their ‘grand openings’ or the famous ‘boxing day sales’. But the obsession doesn’t stop there. Today, consumers can buy virtually anything online, and shop 24/7 from the comfort of their own lounge room. Big players in the online market such as CatchoftheDay, ASOS, and Strawberry.Net are reaping the profits of our modern-day obsession. This has led to a huge expansion in the warehouse and logistics industry with warehouse distribution centres opening in almost every nook and corner of the country, inevitably leading to a surge in job opportunities. Giants like Amazon have made headlines this year with the announcement of their first warehouse set to be built in Australia. Jobs in warehousing are set to explode.

If you regularly purchase goods online, you will know all about ‘shipping’ charges. The shipping fee covers packaging, transport, distribution and delivery of the products from the warehouse to your doorstep. The warehouse, logistics and transport side of online retail is an elaborate system which requires its workers to have strong attention to detail, time management and organisational skills. A disorganised and chaotic warehouse and inventory system will only lead to the loss of customers, who simply will not purchase again.

Warehouse staff such as pickers, packers, forklift drivers to administrative and management staff work together to process customer orders and ensure the efficiency and flawless operation of the supply chain system. Since a lot of online shopping involves shipping products from either interstate or overseas, inventory systems in warehouses now have state of the art connections to both national and international networks. These are designed to track potential reasons for delays in shipping such as weather, public holidays or strikes and having contingency plans to ensure products are delivered on time. Maintaining and monitoring such a complex system will involve the contribution from a lot of skilled and qualified workers to ensure production, profit, turnover and customer satisfaction levels are maintained.

Regardless of the type of role you wish to apply for in the warehouse industry, most of them call for skilled and qualifications. Depending on the position, Employers will be on the lookout for workers with tickets or qualifications such as a forklift license, a first aid certificate, a yellow card, manual handling to name a few. Courses for warehouse operations, logistics and management will be required for more senior and advanced roles.

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