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Considering a new career in 2018?

You have finished Year 12, it may seem like most of your classmates have it all worked out – but the likelihood is a lot of your classmates are probably somewhat torn, and confused about what it is they they really want to do career wise after school.

If you fall into this ‘not a clue what I want to do’ bracket, then fear not! There are plenty of options for school leavers that will lead to a successful career and fulfilling future and they don’t all have to involve University.

There are many industries and nationally recognised courses you can explore once you’ve left school, or at any age, without going to Uni or TAFE.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) provide students with nationally recognised training that can lead to qualifications that are recognised by industries and accepted by other educational institutions if you with to further your education in a certain industry.

Depending on eligibility, there may be the opportunity to receive government-funded training, which could significantly reduce the cost of your studies.

Courses at RTO’s may suit you if:
  • You’re not 100% sure of what you want to do and want to get a feel for a certain industry.
  • You want to receive practical, hands on skills.
  • You want to have the choice of a wide range of nationally recognised RTO training courses.

What qualifications can RTO’s offer?

A qualification from an RTO will depend on the course, but the following is an example of what may be offered:
  • Certificates I, II, III and IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma
  • What career options are there for me?

RTO courses can lead to careers in a variety of industries, including: mining, construction, warehousing, earthmoving, and many more.

On course completion you will be provided with key skills and knowledge to work productively in the industry you have chosen.

Whether you’ve just finished Year 12, are an adult looking for a career change or working full time and wanting to up-skill your knowledge, there is always an opportunity to undertake nationally recognised training so you can study a subject and career pathway of interest in an industry of your choosing.

Star Training & Assessing is an RTO that offers flexible learning and assessment opportunities in industries such as earthmoving, construction, traffic control and may more. For more information on courses available in your area contact our office.