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How to get your Forklift Licence in Australia

There are many Forklift courses throughout Australia; but they’re not all the same.

If you are considering working as a forklift operator, then legally you are required to hold a licence.

Forklift operation is a hazardous role for the driver and their surroundings and for this reason there are very specific training processes and licencing requirements that you must go through to legally be able to operate a forklift nationally.

There are two classes of Forklift licence:

  • Class LF – this permits you to operate any class of Forklift except for an order picker/stock picker forklift
  • Class LO – this permits you to only operate an forklift order picker/stock picker forklift

Forklift licence requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Complete a Forklift course ran by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Are competent in English

Forklift lining training

Generally a forklift operator course takes 2-3 days including the final assessment. During this time you will learn a range of skills to operate and perform routine checks on forklift machinery to ensure it is operating safely and the hazards to be aware of that come with operating a forklift.

In order to obtain a Forklift licence, you must pass a mandatory training course consisting of a theory and practical assessment and then once these are both deemed passed by your assessor, you can apply for your licence.

Star Training and Assessing are an RTO that run both LF and LO Forklift courses throughout Australia.

Contact us today to find your closest RTO and find out which is the most suitable course for you, and take the first step to obtaining your licence!