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Fire safety in the workplace – do your employees know what to do in a fire emergency?

It is important that your employees know what to do, and also what not to do in the case of a fire emergency.

Providing them with these skills will not only help keep them and other people in the workplace safe, but it will also help keep them safe outside of the workplace too!

It is a legal requirement to have fire extinguishers in a workplace, but in order to attempt to use them, employees should be trained to know what to do, what not to do and how to use equipment in the case of a fire emergency.

If a fire is caught early enough it may be able to be extinguished using a fire extinguisher without putting people at risk. However, only employees trained to attempt to deal with fire should considering doing so, but only to the point of not putting themselves or anyone else at risk.

Some things to consider when there is a fire in the workplace:

  • Always call 000 as contrary to popular belief; smoke alarms aren’t always linked to the emergency services.
  • Evacuation procedures should still be followed even if someone is going to attempt to extinguish the fire.
  • Evacuate immediately when you SEE or smell fire, don’t wait for the smoke alarm.
  • Never put yourself at risk – always follow training procedures
  • Always ensure there is an escape route if you are attempting to put a fire out.
  • If a fire can’t be extinguished quickly, evacuate immediately.

A Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment course is designed to equip participants to be competent in using fire fighting equipment in the workplace and making educated and safe decisions when it comes to fighting fire.

Courses can be completed in the workplace or at a suitable training venue. Contact Star Training and Assessing to book in our First Attack Fire fighting training today and make your workplace safer.