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More to being a Traffic Controller than meets the eye

Did you know the average salary in Australia for a Traffic Controller is $63,560? You might be thinking that’s not a bad wage for a lollypop person, but there is more to being a Traffic Controller than meets the eye.

Traffic Controllers are commonly seen alongside roadworks or around construction zones, special events such as concerts or football games, emergencies or major weather events where there are obstructions to the road. Managing traffic involves planning and organising to ensure works are successfully carried out and to maintain a smooth flow of traffic. Being a Traffic Controller can be somewhat of a juggling act, aiming to meet the needs of the road workers / event holders / construction workers or emergency personnel, and as such can be rather stressful at times. The Traffic Controller should be able to think quickly on their feet and be able to respond rapidly to changes in conditions ensuring the safety of everyone on the road.

Communication is a key element to becoming a successful traffic controller and most of all a valid tickets and licences are essential. With the correct training, experience and mentoring a Traffic Controller can easily work their way up the ranks into a Management or Team Leader role. These roles offer more responsibility and varied work such as auditing and assessing traffic controllers and traffic control setups, reporting, responding to and investigating incidents and liaising with clients on upcoming work requirements.

If you think this might be the career for you, Star Training offer nationally recognised Traffic Control courses in WA and VIC. Contact us to learn more.