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Why should you obtain a yellow card?

In today’s labour focused industries such as warehousing, construction and mining, it is getting more competitive as time progresses, with more people applying for the same jobs it is getting more difficult to stand out in the pack. So, what is the benefit of a nationally recognised industry program such as obtaining your yellow card?

If consider the benefits of gaining your Elevated Work Place (EWP) ticket, or as it is commonly referred to as a ‘yellow card’; your obtaining a license which will allow you to operate an EWP such as a self-propelled boom lift, scissor lifts and vertical lifts in all workplaces across Australia.

The yellow card, as we mentioned, is a nationally recognised industry training program, this means that whether you move from state to state, you can still get a job easily without having to re-do the ticket each time you move job locations.

The benefits of holding a yellow card are simple; it will teach you the skill you need to operate an Elevated Work Platform safely, identify hazards, as well as risk assessment.

It will also teach you how to properly inspect the fall harness, identify safe operating parameters, how to conduct a pre and post operation check, and emergency procedures should an incident occur.

It only takes one day to complete the training course, with the assessment split up into two categories, a short-answer theory test and a practical component that involves conducting a pre-operational check, how to setup the EWP, how to use the EWP properly and how to stow it.

We also provide flexibility with the delivery of our training course, either on-site at your workplace or an alternative and suitable training venue.

At Star Training & Assessing we have offices in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria, so contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members and they can help you with enrolment and any further questions you might have, click here.