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5 reasons why you should put your staff through first aid training

Investing in first aid training for your employees is invaluable.

It may not bring profit to a company, but investing in first aid training for your staff enhances the safety of your employees, can you put a price on that?

Almost 500,000 Australians are admitted to emergency each year, with 12,000 dying as a result of injury.

It is a legal requirement that staff can receive medical attention, regardless of the workplace and the perceived hazards, staff can become ill or injured at any time, and being able to act quickly could make all the difference if a medical emergency was to arise.

5 reasons to train your staff in first aid

  • Lives can be saved. Having staff with knowledge of first aid can literally be the difference between life and death. For example, more than 33,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest each year, out of them only 5-7% survive. Basic first aid skills are imperative in this situation to keep oxygen and blood flowing, giving the person the best chance of survival.
  • The number of accidents in the workplace can be reduced. Everyone having knowledge of first aid training can make people more vigilant and aware of risks, and make them more safety aware – preventing many accidents.
  • Employees are safer outside of the workplace. Although first aid training is a legal requirement for the workplace, knowing that your employees are in a position to better help themselves or others outside of working hours is good to know and boosts confidence. The benefits of first aid training extend beyond the workplace, to family and friends and the community.
  • Employees are confident during an emergency. One of the most important things during an emergency is that people remain calm and focussed. By having employees trained in first aid on hand, it means they are in a better position to administer medical attention and also guide others in what they can do and keeping everyone calm.
  • There is minimal wastage of first aid kits. Knowing how to correctly use medical equipment, such as dressings, will ensure that there is minimal wastage of first aid kits.

First aid training ensures that emergencies are handled efficiently and with care, and it is a legal, essential part of workplace training that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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