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Adult learning – how to kick start your career in 2019

Thinking of a career change this year? There are so many options for adult learning!

You’re never too old to learn new skills or change careers, and thanks to all of the numerous short courses and tickets available – you can up-skill and gain knowledge and experience in industries even if you have no prior experience!

The building and construction industry is a booming part of Australia’s economy and shows no signs of slowing down.

There is no shortage of work! There are many different career avenues and with the right training and experience you can land yourself a long-term stable career.

What courses can I easily do to change career as an adult?

If you are interested in pursing a career in the building and construction industry, consider these courses to pave the way and make your resume stand out from the crowd:

White Card – construction induction

Before commencing any work on construction sites in Australia you are required to hold evidence of a general construction induction. This course is a no brainer and should be the first course you get under your belt.

Forklift license

There is an abundance of roles, which require a forklift license, from building sites to warehousing. Type ‘forklift’ into any job search website and you will see what career options are readily available.

Elevated work platform

This course is extremely desirable for anyone wishing to work in the building, construction or mining industry and will set you apart from other applicants. It allows you to operate a scissor lift or boom type of elevated work platform, which are required on most construction sites.

Confined space

This course is particularly desirable for the mining, civil construction and drilling industry. It equips you with the knowledge to safely enter restricted spaces that may contain potentially dangerous levels of oxygen or harmful levels of containment.

Whether you want to embark on a new career or up skill in an industry there are a variety of opportunities and short courses that you can do regardless of your age.

Often these courses will enable you to work out what you enjoy and what direction to take in your career.

Contact Star Training and Assessing to discuss your plans and see what courses will kick start your career in 2019!