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How to fulfil your childhood dream and become a fire fighter.

Fire fighters are trained to tackle fires anywhere.

It is a highly respected and rewarding and respected profession – but how do you become a fire fighter?

There are various fire services so it is important to research the role of a fire fighter in each of the positions to decide which path you would like to follow.

There is no universal fire fighting career path, but here are some steps you can follow:


Although not a formal requirement, up-skilling is one of the ways that you can align your skills with that the fire service is looking for. By taking a First Attack Firefighting you will show initiative that you have taken the time to know the basics when it comes to fire safety and position you favourably and could get your foot in the door.

Look at entry requirements

The pre requisites vary slightly from state to state so it is important to look at the requirements and process where you are living. Some states may require you to have a First Aid certificate or Manual Heavy Rigid driver’s licence, whereas other states may put you through these courses as part of your training or allow you to commence them once you have been recruited. Things such as the drivers licence requirements will determine the age you can be when you apply.

Look at position descriptions

Look at position descriptions from the fire service and consider how your current skills align with them and what you can do to ensure that your experience aligns with what the fire service is looking for when recruiting.

Although there are no guarantees, previous training or experience in emergency services may improve an applicant’s chance of being shortlisted in some of the recruitment stages – it may even be the deciding factor that lands you the position over someone else!